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                             Dip blend of ground chick peas,

                             lemon juice, tahini, and garlic

Pita Bread

​Large flat pocket bread


                                  Lebanese salad made with parsley, cracked wheat, onions,                                             tomatoes, mint, oil & lemon juice

Stuffed Grape Leaves

Tender grape leaves stuffed

with ground beef, rice, & spices

                                Baked Kibbee

                                  Mixture of ground beef & cracked wheat filled with sauteed                                           ground beef, onions, pine nuts & spices

Lebanese Rice

​Deliciously seasoned rice made Lebanese style

with chicken broth, butter, and Orzo

                                 Meat Pies
                                   Filled with mixture of ground beef, spices & onion -

                                    baked to a golden brown.

Spinach & Feta Pies

Filled with a mixture of spinach, spices, onion,

feta, lemon & oil - baked to a golden brown. 

Shwarma, Falafel & Shish Kabob Tent

                                    Shwarma -  Lamb/Beef or Chicken

                                      Tender rotisserie slices of lamb & beef or chicken, served on                                         pita bread with lettuce, tomato, onion and sauce


Mixture of ground chickpeas, fava beans & spices,

deep fried & served on small pita bread with tomatoes,

lettuce & tahini sauce

                                    Lamb Shish Kabob

                                      Skewers of tender lamb grilled over an open flame & served                                         with sauteed onions on small pita bread

Lebanese Pastry

Walnut Baklawa

Layers of filo dough brushed with butter,

filled with a chopped nut mix,

baked & drizzled with syrup



                                       Almond topped farina coconut squares drizzled with syrup

Date Rolls

Date mixture lightly rolled in coconut &

topped with an almond

                                       Pistachio Bird Nests

                                         Crisp layers of cup-shaped filo filled with pistachio

                                         & baked golden

Cashew Fingers

Layers of filo brushed with butter,

filled with crushed cashews,

rolled into a finger-sized delicacy


                                        Heavenly melt in your mouth butter cookie


A farina dough, filled with a yummy walnut mixture